Friday, 27 June 2014

Explantion wirting

WALT: write an explantion


Would you trust a well known company?
Ergobaby is just one of the many companies that has been effected by somebody else making a fake baby carrier and braeking the Consumer Guarentees Act.
                                           What is the Consumer Guarentees Act?.
It is something that is there to protect Consumers and Business from buying faulty products. We have it there so when somebody dose sell you a faulty product you can get it replaced, fixed or get your money back.
I will explain one fake company that has been breaking the Consumers Guarenntees Act and what effects it has on the Consumers and Business.

A Consumer bought a Ergobaby baby carrier and soon found out it was a fake. Because the belt breaks when some pressure is put on it. The Act that has been broken is that the product must be of an acceptable quality. It was broken because the buckle was not safe. The effect on the Consumer is that the baby could fall out and get hurt or even die.

Fit for purpose is another one of the guarentees that was also broken because you can't put your baby in because it can't take much weight and you have no clue when it might fall out so you can't catch it. The effect on the real Business is that they would be loseing a lot of money.

There is another Consumers Guarentees Act that has been broken. It is that the Consumer that has the right to redress the products. You can't redress the baby carrier because it is a fake company. The effect on the Consumer is that they have wasted there money and she will have to buy another one from a real company. Then she will have to saerch online.

The last Consumer Guarentees Act that I am going to talk about is that Consumers are not allowed to be tricked or lied to. It was broken because it was not safe. The effect on the real business is that less people will buy from them because they don't know what company is real or fake. 

After all the real company gave the Consumer a real baby carrier that was not faulty.

My next step is to add more information

Thursday, 26 June 2014


WALT: convert millimetres, centimetres, meters and kilometres 

10cm = 100mm 100mm = 10cm 

1km = 1000m  1000m = 1km

1m = 100cm  100cm = 1m 

My next step is to keep working on my meters to kilometres 

Thursday, 12 June 2014


WALT: Draw in perspective 

I made my fence,trees and road smaller as they go down getting closer and closer to the mountain.
And one thing I have learned about perspective drawing is shading lighter when it gets closer to the vanishing point 

My next step is : to go around my painting in black pen