Sunday, 30 August 2015


On Tuesday it rained at lunch time so Rebecca and I went to the new entrant classes to look after them while the teachers had there lunch. There were some year 5&6 students  there to help us with the kids but we didn't actually need them, some of them were ok and did some games with the kids but others sat them selves in the kids tent and wouldn't let any kids in to play in it. All in all it was an ok lunch but we did have to go tell there teacher about some of the year 6's behaviour.


On Tuesday we had Tech, I now know what I am making for my speaker, it is going to be an owl. We cut out the shapes of the kind of box you are going to have and since mine is an owl it is sort of like an oval shape but with one flat edge. Then Mr Bowers cut out the right measurements for the sides of our boxes, for my edges he used a thicker wood and had to do something to the side like shave them. Next time I am at tech hopefully I can finish the sides to my owl because I didn't get to finish the sides because Mr Bowers has to do something special for the sides. On the bus it was fine it wasn't that loud and when we got back to school we were quiet so we didn't have to practice at lunch time.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Rebecca's speach

WALT: I can create complex sentences to make my writing more interesting.
I used this to make sentences sound better and I used short sentences like face it! to make more impact in the listeners mind.

My next step is to look up more and pause more.

Friday, 21 August 2015


Yesterday morning the house captains and heads meet in room 24 for our normal 8.00 meeting we talked about skits as we are showing them in assembly then they practiced there skits. I am not in the skit for this week because I was in them last week and my job is to get all the gear ready for the skits, some of the gear I have to get ready is a desk and chairs.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


On Tuesday we went to tech, this week we moved to a new tech I am now in woodwork and we are going to be making a speaker box but Mr Bowers doesn't like the term box he would rather we call it speaker container at the end of the day Mr Bowers does a riddle or 2 for lollies this week I got one of the riddles right and I got a fruit burst. On the bus on the way back it was so dusty and people would keep hitting the seats and dust would go flying everywhere but everyone was really quiet when we were walking back to class so we didn't have to practise at lunch.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Specify location using bearing or grid reference.

WALT: Specify location using bearing or grid reference.
This is what the task looks like. If you were doing -10 -6 first you would go across the x line which is the horizontal one and find -10 then you have found that  then go up or down till you find -6 then you click the space and you have the answer.

My next step is to get this math goal signed of then get a new math.


Today I am organising for Mr Sy to meet the new team he is coaching to do this we are meeting in his classroom and then after out to the netball court to vs the B team so he can see how we play me and Grace will be organising the positions and Jordan will be for her team.


Everyday the housecaptains take out the flags and bring them back in the girls bring them back in and when the boys or the girls forget the have to come into the other class and say that girls are better than boys or boys are better than girls the boys forgot on Tuseday so the have ro come into ourclass today and say it.


On Tuesday we had tec at Lincoln and I am in design. This week was are last week before we swop over to a different group. It was a bit hard on the bus because I had my room that I made at tec and it's not the smallest because it is to boxes together but I managed to keep it in one peice.