Wednesday, 25 March 2015


 I think that I have been apart of a lot of leadership roles and that my first goal is going well.

For my second goal I think I need to work on blog posting about my leadership goals so that I can get a leadership badge.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Prove it writing

Crrk crrk goes the curtains as Tim, Rebecca's Dad opens them to wake her up in the morning.He then turns on the lights and blinds me.
After waiting 10 minutes for Rebecca to adjust her eyes to the new light of the morning, she gets up. She lets me stay in bed and sleep but now I want food because she is going downstairs. I follow her downstairs and get in front of her, I then go into the kitchen to let her know I want food. She follows me into the kitchen.
She says " are you hungry Luka" and puts some biscuits in my bowls.
After about 40 minutes of that stinky Daniel fumbling around they start to leave.
Kiri opens both doors to the garage.
I decide to go explore. It's so fun in here you can jump around climb up things and run around without anyone seeing you.
I hear Rebecca telling Ksana to stay inside and not to go into the garage. Then Rebecca walks into the garage and gets into the car. YES! she didn't see me I meow it means I get to stay in here.
I hear the clinks of high heels, it means Kiri is coming. Daniel is right behind her and now they are getting in the car. They start backing down the driveway. I see Kiri press the button that shuts the garage, it starts slowly shutting I start to worry, what if they don't see me?, what if I will be stuck in here all day?. I start to move trying to make them see me. The garage door, stops I don't know what to do. I stand still, one of the car doors opens a foot comes out and touches the ground. I recognize  the shoe straight away, I've never been happier to  see Rebecca before. When she got into the garage she picked me up and put me inside, the door closed behind me and I was so pleased to be inside, I never want to get shut in the garage again. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Wonder Narratives

This is my favourite part of my wonder writing

Mum tells me that I can't spend to much money , but I know exactly what I want, " Lego star wars" which is $59:99.
Right were here Auggie, where do we go?.
Over to the Lego !.
"Why does he always want Lego" Via asks Mum.
He's a boy just let him be I hear in the back round. But I'm to busy trying to find the Lego. "Found it" I say as I grab it of the shelf.
"Wow thats a bit pricey but it will be fine" says Mum.
"YES!!" I yell disturbing the other shoppers.

Monday, 9 March 2015

My goals

My goals

. be apart of lots of leadership roles         
. get a leadership badge or 2