Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Narrative writing

W.A.L.T: write a narrative with a modern day moral

I'm so nervous Kyle announced to her mum as she got out of the car. Kyle heard her name beeing called out over the loud speaker. She went and got into her position. Her opposite partner was her worst enemy Beanka but Kyle showed her up.
After the trials Kyle looked on the website she was still really nervous. She got in the A team Kyle was so glad. She looked down the list and found Beanka's name on the same list as hers.
Kyle went to every single training but one when she was on holiday with her family. At the pre season tournament Kyle got very little game time, nearly every other person got a whole game or three whole games. Kyle felt very disappointed in herself.
One training a couple of games later her coach Ella said to her that she would only be playing half games for the rest of the season. Kyle felt sad she felt like throwing a tantrum. Lucky for her her mum was there and she was not happy about that, so she told Ella about it not being fair because the team goal to get first or second was not a fair team goal if not everyone was not getting fair game time.

At the next game Beanka hurt herself quiet badly nearly broke her hand. Kyle thought that she might get some more game time.
At training on Thursday night Ella decided to change the team goal to top 4 because Beanka was out for a while.
For the first time on Saturday Kyle got a full game!, she was so happy she was excited to actually get a whole game. " you looked like a star out there Kyle " said Ella. The next week Ella gave Kyle a half game. Kyle felt like just running away and never ever seeing Ella or Beanka ever again. 
After playing a half game and feeling so disappointed. She decided to talk to Ella and tell her that she wasn't happy. Kyle told her she didn't feel like she was being treated properly. Kyle moaned on and on about it. Then Ella finally realised that it wasn't fair and that she needs to treat everyone the same way.  

The next week Kyle showed up with her game face on and she played a full game with pride.they won and Kyle got player of the day. 
                                                                The  end

The SOLO level I have reached for surface features is ... relational because I didn't use much commas  or speech marks .

The SOLO level for narrative is Extended Abstract because I had paragraphs in all the right places and my moral is a modern day moral.

My next step is to use more commas and speech marks.