Wednesday, 16 April 2014


WALT: Identify what goes in a good information report.
WALT: Use linking sentences to join our paragraphs                                                              
Making Choices
Decisions- We all have to make them but sometimes they aren't to easy.Things that influence our choices can be very close to you and some can just be the t.v, like family, friends, role models and Media.
                                     Family has one of the biggest impacts on our decisions.
Our family can be a big influence on decisions like if you have any siblings they might have something on like sort or dance that you have to go to when you to do your own things. Or they might have rules or don't want to do somethings that you may ask them to do.
                                                    Friends can clash with family time too.
They might smoke or want to go to the mall all of a sudden when you know you shouldn't and that's a bad influence.
             Role models can stop you smoking and doing bad things if they are a good Role model.
because you look up to them and you want to be like them and they make good choices or decisions.
             You can see and hear people who are Role models all around the world by Media.
If you hear see or talk about something people want that even if it doesn't sound to good. People like to be the best out of everybody or want to fit in and it doesn't help being influenced to by something of the the t.v that's probably not that good.
So when you make a very hard decision you should think twice about all the influence's  and be sure to make the right one.

My next step for writing is continue to join my sentences.

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