Monday, 26 May 2014

Sunny Adelaide

                                                             Sunny Adelaide
What could be better... we were in sunny Adelaide on the beautifully brown Murry river. It was afternoon weather. Hot and stuffy more like noisy cockatoos were floating on the rocky cliffs barking there heads off. I had this feeling my stomach started to turn like a toilet being flushed. Sweet trembled down my face as I walked to the end of the houseboat. I was getting ready for frightening flip of the boat. Mum had my Ipod and pressed record. As I turned back the houseboat looked so big like a monster watching over me. I turned back to face the yucky brown water. As I leaped of with a little run up I was soon in the refreshing cold brown water. It was so uncomfortable it was like my life jacket had wet wood shoved into it. I stayed in the murky water until my parents very bravely wanted to get into the jacuzzi as it was 42 degrees outside. As I walked up the steps I melted like a piece of ice being put into a hot chocolate. I walked to the jacuzzi I put my leg in slowly and took it out very quickly. Now I can see why there was nobody in it, the jacuzzi was on 40 degrees. So I went back into the murky brown river water.

My next step: is to keep elaborating my ideas

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